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Massage is being more and more accepted by health insurance and in most states you can bill insurance for massage services for motor vehicle collisions (MVC) (formerly motor vehicle accidents),  work related injuries (Workers Compensation/Labor and Industries).  Across the US there are small organized movements happening to make massage more accepted by medical professionals and become a regular part of health care.

In most states, you can bill insurance for car accidents and for work related injuries.  With the new Affordable Care Act and 2706, it is now the law that health insurance companies must cover massage.   Don’t be left behind!

More than ever, learning to bill insurance for massage services can help you to build your massage business.

Since each insurance company/plan and each state has such different plans and rules around billing, learning the basics of how to bill and how to deal with insurance companies will help you to learn how to figure out what YOU need to do in Your State, with whatever plan or company you are billing for your massage services.

Learning the very basic concepts of how insurance companies work and start taking insurance clients in your massage business in this easy to read book.   Once you understand the basic concepts and the process, you will be able to start asking the right questions to the right people and learn what you need to do to bill correctly and get paid by insurance companies!

These basic concepts include:

  • Figuring out if massage will help your business be more profitable.
  • Figuring out what to charge for your massage services.
  • Understanding HIPAA and why all massage therapists should move toward being HIPAA compliant even though they may not be a ‘covered entitity’.    HIPAA basics, HIPAA NoPP forms, HIPAA Risk assessments,  HIPAA compliant forms, Electronic Health Records/Electronic Medical Records.
  • Learning about what forms you need to collect the correct information in order to bill insurance.
  • Learning how to fill out the basic billing form
  • Learning what CPT codes you can use to bill.  CPT codes are changing in 2016.
  • ICD-9 codes are changing to ICD- codes and require more charting.
  • Learning the process of billing and what to do if you don’t get paid.
  • Creating a referral network of physicians and lawyers.
  • Glossary of Terms

 Working with people who are injured and in pain usually means that clients will come in once or twice a week for a few sessions or for many months depending on the severity of the injury or condition.   That means regular weekly/monthly clients until they are better and usually a regular weekly/monthly client after they are better and the case is settled.

Before you decide if you want to get involved in billing insurance for massage, you really have to analyze your business model and your financial status to see if taking insurance will help your bottom line and help your business become more profitable!  You can do that by figuring out your cost per client and then assessing what your earnings potential will look like if you take a few cases or even decide to have a full medical massage practice/clinic!

If you decide to accept the challenge and open up more income opportunities and help put the ‘care’ back into healthcare, here are some of the things that you will need to know :

  • You will need to know what to ask the client when they call asking if you take insurance and analyze the case so that you can decide if you want to take it or not.
  • You will need to know the lingo and how to work with lawyers, doctors and insurance companies.
  • You will need to know how to do extensive chart notes so that you can show how massage has improved the functions that were impaired due to injury and various conditions.
  • You will need to know how to promote yourself to doctors and other health care professionals.
  • You will need to know what forms you will need and how to fill out the forms correctly so that you get paid.
  • You will need to know what to do if they don’t pay and what to do if they ask for money back!

Learning to bill is very complex to start with and also each state is different, each plan is different making it quite a challenge.  No one person can really tell you how to bill or if you can bill because it is so different in every state and within each insurance company and with thousands of plans out there.  It is also complicated by the type of injury and who is at fault.

To make things even more challenging:

On March 23, 2010 President Obama signed HR 3590, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act into law. As it stands now, here is the excerpt from the health care reform bill passed:

The provider non-discrimination provision (Section 2706) to be enacted into law reads in part:

‘A group health plan and a health insurance issuer offering group or individual health insurance coverage shall not discriminate with respect to participation under the plan or coverage against any health care provider who is acting within the scope of that provider’s license or certification under applicable State law.'”  (read more on the new law and massage)

That basically means that health insurance companies will have to pay for massage if massage therapists are licensed as health care providers in your state but it isn’t quite so simple.  You will need to find out what is going on in your state and get  involved in the process of making it happen.   Each state will need to have massage therapists involved to make it happen.

When billing insurance, it means that you will be faced with many challenges like being asked to reduce your fees and having laws created locally that will try to stop you from billing for massage (as currently is happening in FL with MT losing the ability to bill for car accidents).  Insurance companies dictate what they will pay and the number of sessions they will allow in their plans.  The one thing that they do not understand is that massage can save them money in other areas such as eliminating the need for surgery and drugs for many conditions.  If massage therapists want to be more accepted in the medical profession and respected, we will also need a strong, cohesive group to help lobby politicians and to make stands against insurance companies low pay rates.  The more people who understand the process of billing, the more people we will have to be able to do just that.  Even if you choose not to bill, it is important to know what is going on in the world of insurance billing.

That is why I have written this book.   I want to share what I know about billing and help teach you the basic concepts of insurance and billing so that you can learn what to ask the various companies, doctors and lawyers and get paid!

First figure out if billing insurance
will help your massage business be more profitable.

Massage insurance billingnualsmThe 2015 edition is Here!


( PDF Version ONLY Includes Free Updates and Private/Closed Facebook Group for 1 Year )

In the private Facebook Group you can download forms, keep up with the latest changes, and ask questions! We will be also talking about Health Care Integration and working on the way to implement 2706 in the Affordable Care Act or help figure out what is best for your state.

 (Through and secure downloads!)

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Massage Insurance Billing 101: Putting the
Care Back in Health Care

Paperback book includes special link to purchase access to the
Private/Closed Facebook Group (an additional fee of $14.95)


NOTICE: You will still have to figure out if you can take insurance in your state and figure out how to bill in your state. 
Each state is different.  Each Plan is Different.

 I will help you to figure that out in the Private/Closed Facebook Group!
I am also collecting information on what is being done in each state!

Back to Main Site | About me! | Contact Me  with any questions.  Schools discounts available and preview copy.!

Notice: This book is designed to provide information on the general principles of insurance billing only. This information is provided and sold with the knowledge that the publisher and author do not offer any legal or other professional advice. In the case of a need for any such expertise consult with the appropriate professional. This book does not contain all information available on the subject. This book has not been created to be specific to any individual’s or organizations’ situation or needs. Every effort has been made to make this book as accurate as possible. However, there may be typographical and or content errors. Therefore, this book should serve only as a general guide and not as the ultimate source of subject information. This book contains information that might be dated and is intended only to educate. The author and publisher shall have no liability or responsibility to any person or entity regarding any loss or damage incurred, or alleged to have incurred, directly or indirectly, by the information contained in this book. You hereby agree to be bound by this disclaimer.

Billing insurance is done at your own risk. Results will vary. It is your responsibility to use this information and to do your own homework in finding out who you can bill, how to bill and how to get paid. You are responsible for knowing the laws and regulations in your state. You may need to obtain further legal counsel or accounting opinions in order to bill and get paid.


29 thoughts on “Massage Insurance Billing

  1. Greetings,

    My name is Karemia Daniels and I’m a certified massage therapist through the (NCBTMB). Additionally, I’m licensed in the state(s) of Washington, DC and Virginia. Moreover, I would like to begin billing insurance companies for massage and I feel that I can make a huge difference in regards to quality care and being a voice for the massage profession here in the nations capital. Please let me know if your 2015 version is complete because I would like to order the book and any information you could or are willing to give me to assist me on this journey would be appreciated.

    Kind regards,

    Karemia Daniels

    • The new book should be out this weekend. I don’t know the specifics of what is going on in DC/Virginia area, but the book will cover the basics of billing insurance. I will also have a group you can join for an additional fee where you can ask questions and get my help for the many issues. It will take a lot of work to start implementing The ACA 2706 section that makes it a law that massage must be covered by all health insurance. I have some ideas outlined in the new book. Thanks

  2. I just bought your guidebook and would like to join the facebook group you have. I have questions i want to post on the group page and hopefully help out fellow Therapists in nj who are looking to bill insurance companies.

    • I just invited you to the Facebook Group!

      For people purchasing the ebook – be sure to get the ebook in the download link AND also click on the link to request to join the Facebook Group too!

      Thanks very much!


  3. I would like to join you and your group, but I thought that Facebook was free, and there was no charge and that no one can charge you to join, even if it is a closed group. You (the owner of the group) only has to approve their membership. Please clarify. Thank you.

    • Facebook is free but I can limit who I want to join a group and control who joins a group. Yes I have to approve membership into the group. The group is where people can ask me questions about the content of the Ebook and about the billing process. I will also be using it to get people working on implementing 2706 in their state. Facebook is often used for this purpose. I am charging you for the ebook and if you want to join, you have to buy the ebook and want to learn about how to bill insurance.


    • Hi LJ

      No it doesn’t go into those programs. They come with their own help and resources. They are usually pretty straight forward. They do have training available too usually for those portals like here is the page for one health port- .It does cover how to get an NPI number and it does give basic directions on how to bill L&I. You can see the table of contents in the post above. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks.

    • I can’t tell you if you can bill insurance in MI or what the laws there are but the book covers the basics of how to fill out forms etc. You will have to find out what insurance companies are paying and find out what exactly they want in order to get paid. Each state/each plan is different so there is no way I can know that. I am working on collecting that info from people who buy the ebook and from people in my Facebook group but it is slow going.


  4. When will the ICD-10 codes be out? and are they in your book. Do you include the most common dx codes that our profession treats, with updates on these codes as well?

    • The ICD 10 codes are out now and they will need to be used starting Oct 1. There is a link to some common codes. There won’t be any updates until the ICD 11’s come out which won’t be far behind. The code info is freely available online.


  5. Hello,

    I currently own and have read through “Hands Heal” (many many times). What makes this book different?

    • This one has updated information and you will get the latest information especially on topics like when the CPT codes change in 2018 or so. When you get the PDF, I add your email address to a mailing list to send you the updated information. Hands Heal is great and you will need that more for the SOAP charting part. This has the latest CMS 1500 02/12 form instructions too. Thanks very much.

  6. Howdy!

    Congrats on your publication, and thank you for making this information available to the MT community! I no longer have NCBTMB (didn’t see the point of it when they were folding, is this going to kill my CAQH application?) but I am licensed and a registered MT instructor.

    I recently opened a commercial location as a solo practitioner, but I may finally expand my business into a teaching practice. and am looking at accepting insurance. I’ve been a medical massage provider in the past, in group practice but had to do my own credentialing (which is no longer active).. My question then is: is group practice (one MT with several employees) require a whole other set of CAQH and individual certifications? Do you cover this in your book?

    Are you available for Skype or Google+ Hangouts coaching?



    • No NCBTMB doesn’t have anything to do with anything. That you would have to ask the insurance companies. No it isn’t covered in the book. With the PDF book you get to join the Facebook group and ask questions. If you get the paperback book, you can purchase entry into the Facebook group with for an additional fee through a link in the book.

      This is more a general overview of everything about billing. Details like that have to be asked of the insurance company you are working with.


    • Did you order the paperback or the PDF?

      If you purchased the paperback, there is a link to order access to the Facebook group. The price on the paperback is lower and I make less per book through amazon and there is no way to track sales from amazon so I had to set it up a different way for people to access the group and to be able to get people’s email address to be able to send the updates.

      Let me know if you have any more questions


  7. I read somewhere that massage therapists are still to bill using ICD 9 codes even though ICD 10 is now in effect. Which one should we be ussing. I look forward to ordering the e book. I currently do Auto Accident billing only and am also curious about what fees massage therapists are billing for services. Also the proper code for assessment.

    • I am not sure why the law would not apply to massage therapists. The codes come on the prescription anyways so you will have to use them. If you have someone on progress with a script that has the ICD 9 codes, it is best to call the doctors office and get the new codes. There are some free online converters, but they don’t always work well.

  8. Does the book tell you how to get started taking insurance? I am not real sure where I need to start, like who I need to call etc…..

    • You have to find out what insurance you can bill. In most states you can bill for car accidents on Personal Injury Protection and for work related injuries. You have to contact your worker comp. division and find out what you need to do and if you can bill. You just call insurances when you get someone who wants to bill their insurance to find out if they have benefits.

  9. I’ve been following all your information since I graduated from massage school four years ago. I currently work for a chiropractic office in Washington state and they took care of me being covered my insurances. I would like to start my own practice. Would this book be helpful for me?

    • The information is not specific to WA but it gives an overview on how to bill and what questions you need to ask in order to bill and get paid by insurance. Most of the health insurance lists are closed in WA – but you will have to check on that to see if you can become a provider.

  10. I have a therapist that is performing services, which are billed under the doctors name. Does the therapist still need to keep license up to date?

    • You have to find that info out on your own. Start with calling one of them. You may also want to connect with other MT in your area through Facebook and ask there. There are no ‘going rates’. You charge what you charge your cash clients for the same service. It is explained in the book more.

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