Massage Practice Builder

Putting the Care Back in Healthcare
Start and Run Your Massage Biz

Step by Step: Start and Run Your Massage therapy business for the sole proprietor or multi-therapist business. Learn More.

Hiring Massage Therapists

Take your business to the next step and hire other massage therapists or health care providers to work for you!

Finding a Job in Massage

Working in a clinical setting, hospital, hospice or cancer treatment center requires extra training and knowledge. Find out more!

Health Care Integration

The US lags behind WA State in advancing into healthcare despite many states licensing massage therapists as health care providers. Start making a stand!

Hospital Based Massage

Picture massage in Hospitals – in headache and pain clinics, labor and delivery centers, cancer centers and more.

Support Networks

Peer supervision, Consultations and peer groups can help you keep your center in this demanding career. Get the help you need or create a group near you! Here is how!

Consumer Awareness

With all of the resources and websites, massage therapy still does not have the recognition it deserves. Start now!